Our hourly fee is $75 per hour, during normal business hours. After hours are billed at time and a half ($112.50/hour)  The minimum amount of service is one hour, and we charge per 1/4 hour after that.

Lock out service - if you provide us with a set of your keys, we will store them in a secure lock box in our office. If you lock yourself out, we will be able to send one of our service technicians to get you back in. Before we will let you back in, we will need to see identification. There is a separate fee for lockouts, which are listed on the right.


Lockout Fees

 M-F 9:00 am - 5:00 pm $75
 M-F 5:01 pm 10:00 pm $100
 M-F 10:01 pm 8:59 am $125
  Weekends $125
  Holidays $150